The 2nd International Conference on Design Creativity

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We are pleased to welcome you to Glasgow for the second conference on Design Creativity (ICDC 2012). The first ICDC was held in Kobe, Japan ( The aim of this biennial conference is the provision of an international forum to present and discuss the latest findings and potential of design creativity from both theoretical and methodological viewpoints. Glasgow is a city steeped in history yet defined by innovation. Its stunning Victorian architecture is a testament to the city’s commercial and industrial heritage. In recent times, it has reinvented itself as one of Europe’s premier cultural capitals, with a thriving arts community and a year-round events’ programme. Your delegate bag contains information on the city and its many attractions. We hope you will have time to visit some of them, and are sure you will enjoy the renowned friendliness of Glasgow’s citizens during your stay!

ICDC is an official conference promoted by the Design Creativity Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Design Society. The SIG was established in 2007; since then, its ambit has expanded to include engineering design, industrial design, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and cognitive science. Design Creativity is a challenging but core topic of study in design. It encapsulates the essence of originality of new concepts and the evolution of our society. A simple search on the World Wide Web for “design creativity” returns around 520,000 hits and about four thousand articles. Since the year 2000, when the Design Society was originally established as a formal body, listed articles have grown on average of over 16% per year from just over 700 to just under 4,000. This reflects a steady increase, year on year, of scholars and researchers focussing their interests and publishing their findings in this fundamental and critical field of study.

All papers received were blind reviewed by at least two referees drawn from an international programme committee, who deserve special thanks for their time, effort, pertinent comments and recommendations. 31 podium papers and 46 short presentation and poster papers were accepted for inclusion in the final conference programme. We believe the scope and quality of the work presented will provide an inspirational platform for debate and discussion, and look forward to seeing the results inform future research directions.

Andrew Wodehouse and Alex Duffy, University of Strathclyde, on behalf of the ICDC 2012 Organising Committee, September 2012

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The Design Society LogoThe Design Creativity SIG Logo

The organisers are grateful for the contributions of Strathclyde University, Scottish Engineering, Tunnocks and Barr. With acknowledgement to the Department of Design Manufacture and Engineering Management, University of Strathclyde.

Organising Committees

Conference chair
Alex Duffy (UK)

International programme committee

Tomasz Arciszewski   (USA)
Petra Badke-Schaub (NETHERLANDS)
Herbert Birkhofer (GERMANY)
Lucienne Blessing  (LUXEMBOURG)
Jean-Francois Boujut   (FRANCE)
Julia Brewis (SOUTH AFRICA)
Linda Candy (AUSTRALIA)
Hernan Casakin   (ISRAEL)
Gaetano Cascini (ITALY)
Lin-Lin Chen (TAIWAN)
Henri Christiaans (NETHERLANDS)
Stephen J. Culley  (UK)
Kees Dorst (AUSTRALIA)
Claudia Eckert  (UK)
Ernest Edmonds (AUSTRALIA)
Steven D Eppinger  (USA)
Ken Friedman  (AUSTRALIA)
Shuichi Fukuda  (USA)
Ashok Goel (USA)
Gabriela Goldschmidt  (ISRAEL)
Samuel Gomes FRANCE)
Ian Gwilt (UK)
Sean Hanna (UK)
Armand Hatchuel (FRANCE)
Noe Vargas Hernandez (USA)
Imre Horvath (NETHERLANDS)

Tom Howard (UK)
Norio Ishii (JAPAN)

Pascal Le Masson (FRANCE)
Ji-Hyun Lee (KOREA)Kun-Pyo Lee  (KOREA)
Larry Leifer (USA)
Joachim Lloveras (SPAIN)
Mary Lou Maher (AUSTRALIA)
Dorian Marjanović (CROATIA)
Tim McAloone (DENMARK)
Chris McMahon (UK)
Harald Meerkamm  (GERMANY)
Gavin Melles (AUSTRALIA)
Celine Mougenot (FRANCE)
Paul Murty (AUSTRALIA)
Margareta Norell (SWEDEN)
Rivka Oxman (ISRAEL)
Vesna Popovic (AUSTRALIA)
Yoram Reich (ISRAEL)
Paul Rodgers (UK)
Asko Riitahuhta (FINLAND)
Filippo Salustri (CANADA)
Kristina Shea (GERMANY)
Lily H. Shu (CANADA)
Steven Smith (USA)
Ricardo Sosa (MEXICO)
Hsien-Hui Tang (TAIWAN)
Barbara Tversky (USA)
Yong Zeng (CANADA)

Vice chair
Toshiharu Taura (JAPAN)

Programme chair
Yukari Nagai (JAPAN)

International programme committee
Committee co-chairs
Yukari Nagai (JAPAN)
Julie Linsey   (USA)
Andrew Wodehouse (UK)

Scientific Board
Alex Duffy (UK)
Toshiharu Taura (JAPAN)
Amaresh Chakrabarti (INDIA)
John Gero  (USA)
Yan Jin (USA)
Yong Se Kim (KOREA)
Udo Lindemann (GERMANY)

Georgi V Georgiev (JAPAN)
Local organising committee
Alex Duffy
Hilary Grierson
Jose Hernandez
Marisa Smith
Ian Whitfield
Andrew Wodehouse (Chair)


Monday 17th Sept.

18:00-20:00 in Megalithic Reception
Venue Information

Tuesday 18th Sept.

08:15-09:00 in Megalithic Reception
Venue Information

Technical Programme

Tuesday 18th Sept. - (Day 1)

09:00-09:10 Opening remarks
Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Chair: Alex Duffy

09:10-09:30 Welcome address
Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Fiona Hyslop, MSP
Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs

Appointed Minister for Culture and External Affairs in December 2009, Fiona Hyslop established the cultural development body, Creative Scotland, in July 2010, as part of the Public Services Reform Act. She also secured funding towards the Dundee V&A project, the new Bannockburn Visitor Centre, and the creation of the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Ayrshire. She was elected MSP for Linlithgow in May 2011 and was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs. Her Ministerial portfolio covers External Affairs, Europe, Culture and the Arts, Broadcasting, Architecture, Built Heritage, Lottery Funding, Historic Scotland, National Records of Scotland and Major Events Strategy.

09:30-10:20 Keynote 1
Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Gilad Tiefenbrun
Managing Director, Linn Products Ltd.

Gilad Tiefenbrun grew up in Glasgow where his father, Ivor, had established Linn Products Ltd, a manufacturer of hi-fi audio equipment, home theatre, and multi-room integrated audio systems. After gaining his degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Edinburgh University, Gilad held various positions in the mobile electronics industry. Gilad took up his first permanent role at Linn in 2003 as Head of R&D, making critical changes to the product development process which led to the introduction of Linn DS - regarded by Gilad as his greatest achievement to date, cementing Linn's early leadership in digital music streaming and marking a shift of seismic proportions for the industry as a whole. In 2008 Gilad attained an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School, providing an invaluable foundation for his appointment as Managing Director of Linn in February 2009.

10:20-10:40 Session A - Creativity & Emotion

Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Chair: Georgi V. Georgiev

23 - Study On The Use of Mimetic Words In Motion Design
K. Yamada, T. Taura and Y. Nagai

27 - Design And Emotions: A Design Method Based On Neuroscience
M. Maiocchi and M. Pillan

55 - Japanese And Europeans At The Concept Generation Stage
A. Gentner, C. Bouchard, D. Esquivel and G. Oprea

14 - Yeah, I Talk To My Car...So What? Different Roles And Levels Of Closeness In Person-Object Relationships
R. H. J. Dazarola, M. M. Torán and M. C. E. Sendra

59 - Employing Random Processes And Storytelling For Design Creativity
D. Oswald and A. Kettenhofen

90 - Designing Emotional Services For Underground Stations
M. Pillan, M. Maiocchi and F. Galli

25 - Product Aesthetics And Creativity
S. Khalighy, G. Green and C. Whittet

98 - Studying Designers: Affective Components Of Design Creativity
C. Mougenot and K. Watanabe

10:40-11:10 Poster Viewing & Coffee Break

14:50-15:10 Session B - Design Thinking & Education

Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Chair: Katja Tschimmel

94 - Courses In Creative Tools And Models Of Design Thinking
E. Robertson

100 - The Development And Evaluation Of A Relationship Diagram Tool To Aid Design Thinking In Nursing Education
N. Ishii, Y. Kato, G. Sugawara, Y. Suzuki and S. Sakuma

26 - Defining Creativity As Problem Solving In Graphic Design Education
S. A. Alhajri

51 - Learning From Design Creativity: Translating Processes From Practice To Education
A. Holder and G. Lovett

12 - Look And Think Exercises On Visual Communication Design For Non-Designers
T. Ariga, T. Watanabe and T. Otani

9 - An Improvement In Method_From User Study First To Fast Concept Design First
Lu Li, Ying Hu, Wei Wang and Francesco Galli

105 - Creativity And Innovation: Developing Design Thinking And Visual Communication Skills
D. B. Trowsdale, A. McKay and J. Giard

134 - Empower.Me - Social Design Innovation For Homeless Families : Collective Design Creativity
G. Melles and Z. Howard

15:10-15:40 Poster Viewing & Coffee Break

17:00-19:00 Break before the evening reception

A walking group will leave from the Radisson Hotel at 18:40
Directions to Glasgow City Chambers

19:00-20:00 Drinks Reception

Venue - Glasgow City Chambers

Picture of Glasgow City Chambers

Glasgow City Council will be hosting a drinks reception for delegates in the historic City Chambers building.

Directions to Glasgow City Chambers

Wednesday 19th Sept. - (Day 2)

09:00-09:40 Keynote 2
Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Andrew Dixon
Chief Executive, Creative Scotland

Andrew was voted Alternative Businessman of the year in 2005 for his public sector work in North East England and in 2008 received an honorary doctorate from Northumbria University. As Chief Executive of Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, he ran a public private sector partnership promoting cultural festivals and events and managing tourism and conference marketing for the ‘twin cities’.  He led the bid to host the World Summit on Arts and Culture in Newcastle Gateshead in 2006 and was Programme Director for the summit attracting delegates from 70 countries to the North East. He has been Chief Executive of Creative Scotland since May 2010.

09:40-10:20 Keynote 3
Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Shona Kiloch

Born in Glasgow, Shona was the winner of the Millie and Benno Schotz Award, 1985, and a Saltire Society Award, 1992. Specialising in animal and figure sculptures, she has received several commissions for public sculpture in Glasgow. Her work is represented in numerous public collections including Pecking Hen, at the Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie.

10:20-10:40 Session C - Creativity & Innovation

Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Chair: Celine Mougenot

20 - Design To Connect: Creative Tools To Design Joining Methods In Products
T. Bleuzé, J. Detand and P. Debaets

48 - Analysis Of User Feelings During Interface Operation: Implications For Creative Design
G. V. Georgiev, Y. Nagai, T. Taura, S. Noda and D. W. Junaidy

24 - "No Time Like The Present": An Investigation Into "Time" As A Constituent Of The Creative Process
C. Treadaway and K. Smith

82 - Where Do We Learn To Design? A Case Study About Creative Spaces
K. Thoring, C. Luippold and R. Mueller

109 - Creative Design Opportunities Into Knowledge Based Engineering Process
J. Boxberger, M. Lebouteiller, D. Schlegel, N. Lebaal and S. Gomes

112 - Collaborative Creative Design Process In Medical Device Development
M. B. Privitera

75 - Creative Animation Design For Inverse Kinematics Motions Of Shadowgraphs Shadow Puppets In Taiwan
G. Liao

87 - The Effects Of Technology Readiness And Service Design On Service Experience Quality In Tourism
S. S. Ho, Y. C. Wang, C. C. Huang and T. J. Sung

10:40-11:10 Poster Viewing & Coffee Break

11:10-12:30 Session 4 - Design Process

71 - Influences Of Design Tools On Concepts Generation

G.V. Annamalai Vasantha, A. Chakrabarti and J. Corney

67 Variation in Creative Behaviour During The Later Stages Of The Design Process

C. M. Snider, P. J. Cash, E. A. Dekoninck and S. J. Culley

13:30-14:50 Session 5 - Cognition 2 -and also- Collaborative Creativity Workshop

Session 5 - Cognition 2

Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Chair: Nathalie Bonnardel

66 - The Language Of Abduction In Choosing Innovation

A. Dong, R. Mounarath and D. Lovallo

  Collaborative Creativity Workshop

Venue - Megalithic 3 - Max. participants: 20
Organisers: Avril Thomson and Ian Whitfield

14:50-15:10 Session D - Creative Design Assessment

Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Chair: Kaori Yamada

68 - Differences In Creative Design Assessment
A. Wojtczuk and N. Bonnardel

78 - Experimental 3D Digital Techniques In Design Practice
L. T. Dean and E. Pei

44 - Diffentiating Co-Design And Mass Customisation From A User-Completion Model Within The Realm Of Product Design
R. Bernabei and J. Power

47 - Investigating The Development Of Imaginative And Creative Capacity In Product Design
K.M. Chen

84 - Elevating The Perception Of Design Creativity To Increase Customer Satisfaction
M. Shams, L. Busayawan and S. Silve

132 - Design Theories Analysis In Frame Of The Definition Of Inventive Design Efficiency
A. Taheri, D. Cavallucci and D. Oget

73 - Headspace: The Stanford Imaginarium
G. Kress, H. Hoster, C. Chung, and M. Steinert

113 - Concept Creation In Transportation Design - Model And Tools
J. Krzywinski and C. Wölfel

15:10-15:40 Poster Viewing & Coffee Break

17:00-18:30 Break

A break before the conference dinner.

18:30-23:00 Conference Dinner

Venue - The Barony Hall

6:30pm (Drinks reception) - 11pm, at the Barony Hall

Picture of the Barony
The Conference Dinner will be held in the Barony Hall, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. This red sandstone building, formerly the Barony Church, was designed by Sir J.J. Burnet (1857 - 1938) and is an excellent example of the architectural style known as Scottish Gothic Revival. The dinner will be followed by a traditional Scottish ceilidh.

After dinner speaker
Dr Peter T Hughes O.B.E.
Chief Executive, Scottish Engineering

Currently Chief Executive of Scottish Engineering - the major sectoral support and lobbying organisation for the manufacturing engineering industry in Scotland - Peter is a regular spokesman on Scottish affairs via television, radio and press, particularly regarding matters affecting the Scottish Manufacturing Engineering Sector. In the 1993 New Years Honours, he was for his services to the UK Steel Industry, and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 1995.

Directions to The Barony Hall Chambers

Thursday 20th Sept. - (Day 3)

09:00-09:40 Keynote 4
Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Colin Burns
Elmwood Design

Colin is a collaborative designer, innovator, educator and Elmwood’s Director of Stuff. He spent most of his career at IDEO, the international design consultancy, where he held posts as Global Head of Interaction Design and Head of IDEO London. Colin was part of the IDEO senior team who worked closely with Procter & Gamble to develop their innovation culture and new product development strategy. He is the visiting Professor of Innovation Product Design at Dundee University and has lectured around the world, from California to Taiwan. When at home in Highland Perthshire, Colin can be found playing bass with his dodgy cover band, The Fat Dads.

09:40-10:20 Keynote 5
Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Will Mitchell
4c Design

Will Mitchell is Design Director at 4c Design. From medical devices, television props and life rafts, Will has worked on over 500 product design projects since graduating from Glasgow's School of Art. His key areas of focus are aesthetics and functionality.

10:20-10:40 Session E - Collaborative Creativity & Education

Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Chair: Pascal Le Masson

72 - Considerations About Creative Environments For Students
J. Lloveras

46 - Redesign And Unite Industries To Meet The Basic Human Needs
S. Fukuda

40 - Exploring A Less Tech-Dependent Side Of Collaborative Creative Design
M. Mortati and B. Villari

93 - Kids In Design': Designing Creative Schools With Children
P. Izadpanahi, L. Xu, H. Elkadi and S. Ang

111 - Educating Creativity - Experiences From The International Summer University On Creativity Engineering
H. Ostad-Ahmad-Ghorabi and D. Collado-Ruiz

120 - Necessity Is The Mother Of Innovation: Constraints And Community Engagement
T.L. Allen and B.A.Chornyak

110 - Innovation Without Design: The Dynamics Of Role Making And The Gradual Emergence Of The Collective Designer
R. Pinheiro-Croisel and T. Hernes

10:40-11:10 Poster Viewing & Coffee Break

11:10-12:10 Session 7 - Innovation

14:50-15:10 Session F - Design Creativity Methods

Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Chair: Jose Hernandez

43 - Stimulating Creativity In Building Design Education: Introducing Experts And C-K's C- Projectors
W. Zeiler

60 - Music Style Analysis Using The Random Forest Algorithm
A. Gómez de Silva Garza and E. Herrera González

15 - Kinetic Typography Studies Today In Japan
J. E. Lee

42 - Geometry, Xoros, Synthetic Principles
H. Varlamou

31 - Biology And The Written Word
L. C. Weilein

64 - Challenges Of Integrating Islamic Art And Culture In Commercial Brands
H. A. Silsilah, B. Lam and S. Silve

30 - How To Construct Form Logically Based On Human Design Technology And Form Construction Principles
T. Yamaoka

79 - Design And Control Of A Prosthetic Knee For Transfemoral Amputation
Ö. Taga, K Yaman and K.K. Yeşilkaya

15:10-15:40 Poster Viewing & Coffee Break

15:40-16:30 Closing, Prizes & Handover

Venue - Megalithic 1 & 2
Chair: Alex Duffy; Yukari Nagai

Social Programme

Saturday and Sunday 14 & 15th Sept.

Glasgow's Open Doors Weekend

The weekend before the ICDC 2012 Conference Glasgow has its Open Doors Weekend. This fantastic FREE event is Glasgow's way of celebrating its buildings, its streets, its parks, its architecture, its history and its people. Check this out at -
Events are FREE.

Monday 17th Sept.

Bagpipes Tour and Session

MORNING, 09:15 - 10:45
at the National Piping Centre, leaving from front door of City Chambers, George Street at 09:15


We will travel by the Underground to the National Piping Centre at Cowcaddens. A guided tour of the Museum of Piping has been arranged and you will hear about the history of the pipes and then you can try out piping for yourself. This is a great way to learn more about piping and its history, and have a real Scottish Experience! There is also a shop with numerous Scottish souvenirs.

This is an optional extra - £14 per person (Underground travel not included £2 return).
Numbers limited.

Mackintosh Tour

Afternoon, 14:00 - 16:30, walking from the Radisson Blu Hotel

Art School

This tour will introduce you to the some of the architecture of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Glasgow's world renowned architect. We will walk and view the exteriors of a few of his buildings in the City Centre, e.g. the Daily Record Building on Renfield Street and the Willow Tea Rooms on Sauchiehall Street, designed by Mackintosh in 1904 for Miss Cranston at the height of Glasgow's tea room boom. The tour will include a full guided tour of Macintosh's masterpiece, the Glasgow School of Art. The School of Art is still very much a working building but the stunning interior and exterior and much of the furniture remains as designed by Mackintosh. There is a visitor centre and shop within the building.

This is an optional extra - £12 per person
Numbers limited.

Tuesday 18th Sept.

Civic Reception

7pm - 8pm, at the City Chambers, George Square

City Chambers

The Glasgow City Council will hold a drinks reception for delegates in the historic City Chambers Building in George Square,in the heart of Glasgow, ten minutes walking distance from the conference venue.

Entry to the Civic Reception is included within the delegate fee.

Wednesday 19th Sept.

Conference Dinner and Scottish Ceilidh

6:30pm (drinks' reception) - 11pm, at the Barony Hall

The Barony

The Conference Dinner will be held in the Barony Hall, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. This red sandstone building, formerly the Barony Church, was designed by Sir J.J. Burnet (1857 - 1938) and is an excellent example of the architectural style known as Scottish Gothic Revival. The dinner will be followed by a traditional Scottish ceilidh.

Conference Dinner is included in the 3-day delegate fee.
Additional Dinner/Ceilidh tickets are priced at £72 per person inclusive of VAT.

Friday 21st Sept.

Whisky Tasting Tour, Glengoyne Distillery

MORNING, 09:00 - 12:30
leaving by bus from the Radisson Blu Hotel, returning to the Radisson Blu Hotel

Glengoyne distillery

Why not plan to stay on after the conference and indulge in a truly Scottish experience - enjoy a coach tour to Killearn taking in the scenery before taking a tour around the world famous Glengoyne Distillery. Whisky sampling included.

This is an optional extra - £24 per person
Numbers limited.

Radisson SAS Hotel‎

301 Argyle Street
Glasgow, Lanarkshire G2 8DL

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Fanelli's Restaurant
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Mercado Restaurant
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Tel: 0141 552 3400

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